About Us


More than a motto


Every decision we make is weighed in relation to our faith in Jesus Christ. 

We value creating ethical products and services that empower client growth.


Total laser focus on customer satisfaction in all situations. 

Working to provide the best possible products and services.

more values


Empower employees and stakeholders with the opportunity to grow and enjoy life. Provide a fun and relaxed work environment that fosters community and family.


We seek feedback from clients to ensure project success. Our goal is to give back to the local community in any way we can.


Pursue and focus on helping clients find solutions to grow their business. Engage with businesses to see value created and growth take place.

who we are

We are your long-term partner in building your web presence. In fact, we strive to provide you with solutions to develop, sustain, and grow your business.

Not to mention, we will provide personalized, engaging, and impactful design solutions to empower your business. We’re here to help you stand out from competition and convert more visitors into your clients.

Our team

We are devoted to fulfilling your web design and marketing needs. Feel free to reach out to us!

Don Collins

Founder & CEO

I oversee marketing strategy, web development and overall strategy. I am focused on helping clients build and grow their business. I have been active in web design for around 10 years. Feel free to reach out to me and talk over your project or ideas. 

Simon Collins

Chief Marketing Officer

I oversee the divisions of marketing and lead generation. I pride myself on being helpful to clients, giving them friendly and satisfactory service. If you have a need, I will most certainly help in any way I can. Not to mention, I will always do my best to put your needs first!


what our customers are saying

Okay, there are no words to describe the awesome customer service and quality work that StarWorx services provide. They are very detailed, knowledgeable, and informative. Before I go anywhere else I always go to them for all my marketing needs and website creation services. Thank you, Don and Simon, for always providing such quality services.

Shicreta M.

Owner, ECTOA

“I truly could not be happier with the service I received at StarWorx Services! Expecting the bare necessities, I ended up with a cornucopia of value! From start to finish, their work was creative, friendly, affordable, professional, and timely! As well, I was very impressed with the wide variety of services they offer, which saved me time, money, and the worry of having to go elsewhere for each component of my online business, and my website looks gorgeous!”

Sarah R.

Owner, BestFoot Résumé

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